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Cedarville Agri-BEE Village

Joblessness and unemployment is a tangible reality in the small rural towns of the Eastern Cape. One such town, where this problem is a growing concern, is Cedarville. However, Cedarville, essentially a town which services agricultural businesses in its area through input suppliers and

To Investigate the Development of an Alternative Hatchery and Chick Supply from Pietermaritzburg

Members of the project team, Mr Zipho Majija (Engineering Division), Dr Peter Plumstead (Poultry Specialist), Mr Ajellon Zondi (Farming Entreprenuer) and Dr Merida Roets (Project Manager) on the site visit in November 2007

Installation of drainage system. Bhongweni Stadium ,Kokstad

The Bhongweni Stadium is situated in the Bhongweni Township in a ward of the Greater Kokstad Municipality. Unfortunately, the stadium was constructed in a wet-land that has a high water table and thus, the surface of the field is constantly damp.

Enterprise Development Services of Scientific Roets

Scientific Roets is involved with the Institutional Development of large-scale projects where these activities are included along with Infrastructural Development and Capacity Building activities. Such Institutional Development is taking place on projects such as KwaXolo Chickens

Farm Worker ABET Programme

Our Adult Basic Education and Training Programme - in collaboration with MEDIA-WORKS - aims at affording farm employees an opportunity to enhance their literacy- and numeracy-, as well as life-, skills. This programme is funded by AGRI-SETA.

Greater Kokstad Municipality ABET Project

This project, requested by the Greater Kokstad Municipality, is implemented in collaboration with Media Works and is funded by the LGSeta. Scientific Roets has prepared a well-equipped computer-based learning centre for this programme.

Construction of the Horse Shoe Road - Kokstad

This project comprises the construction of 3.1kilometres of double seal surfaced road around the Horse Shoe township in Ward 1 of the Greater Kokstad Municipality. The client is the Greater Kokstad Municipality and the project is funded by Municipal Infrastructure Grants.

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