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In keeping with our company values, we PROMISE our clients (be they government or non-government organisations and donors, and our core beneficiaries) that you can expect

whenever you make use of our services and products.

Specifically we will ensure that these values penetrate every aspect of our service to you. These aspects may include:

  • Effective project delivery , We'll help you meet your targets. Be they meeting budgetary spend (financial), delivery to beneficiaries (numbers of people served, enterprises developed and functional or infrastructure in place) or time deadlines.
  • Timely quality reports, You'll know how far we are to reaching your targets with our regular detailed reports.
  • Simplified invoicing. No complicated calculations, everything you need for your own accounting purposes.
  • Capacitated beneficiaries, We've trained over 500 learners in various learnerships and skills programmes, 80% of them are in permanent employment because of their training.
  • Successful rural enterprises, Taste our success - Buy some of the lovely goat leather products from one of the rural enterprises we have developed. Visit .
  • Accredited training of high standard for identified beneficiaries, We're accredited with AgriSETA and have provided training for MAPPP-SETA, LGSETA and the MQA funded programmes.
  • Delivery of set targets
  1. Numbers of beneficiaries. Our Learner Database provides you with detailed reports on a learner's progress. Learners themselves can download their up-to-date results from our website using their ID numbers. They can then include these results in their job applications.
  2. Skills transfer. Our Skills Programmes and Learnerships are 25% theory (in mother tongue) and 75% practical. We make sure they can do it before they're deemed competent.
  3. Infrastructure developed. If your community is in need of buildings, roads, water networks, sewerage systems we can help you get it to them.
  • Reliable financial management. We have professional accounting and auditing firms to ensure that your budget is used wisely. We've never had a poor audit.
  • Risk sharing through co-funding. We're really good at writing funding proposals. We have a 40% hit rate in tenders and proposals and will win you the funding if we're short-listed and asked to present the idea. Business guru Michael Masterson (USA) once commented of our company, Getting 40 percent of the jobs you go after is a very good ratio, and closing 100 percent of in-person presentations is unheard of.
  • Information-based products relevant to both technical and business aspects of beneficiaries enterprises. Search our on-line information database for interesting information on enterprise development, agriculture (especially goat production) and engineering. Try it now!

Make us your first choice for achieving effective rural and enterprise development because:

  • We are knowledgeable about the rural landscape and are effective in this environment. Ninety-five percent of our work is in far-flung rural areas.
  • We are at the coal face of identifying viable businesses and development opportunities that require support. Beneficiaries feel comfortable in approaching us with their ideas.
  • We recommend a comprehensive approach to rural development. Tried and tested, we insist on integrated projects which include capacity building, infrastructure and institutional development.
  • We recommend the co-funding of rural enterprises during their development phases and are willing to develop proposals in this manner. If you can't fund the entire idea, we'll help you find other donors to meet the shortfall.
  • Our reports are an accurate indication of progress on projects and can be tailored to suite in-house format requirements. We'll help you lighten your load by drawing up reports in the format that you would need to report to your superiors.
  • Our clients only pay for quality services provided.
  • We are available to assist you to reach your Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development targets for the advancement of rural Africa. Would you like to assist a rural group? Ask us how you could make the most impact.
  • We encourage clients to take a longer term perspective on rural enterprise development. We'll help you develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the group you support. We bet you'll like them.
  • We encourage our clients to share their successful projects with other municipalities/authorities in the effort to demonstrate best practice. We believe. Good News is Great News.
  • We recommend that a training and a mentorship component should be built into every enterprise development project. Do you want to give of your time and expertise to assist a developing enterprise grow? We can build such a component into your rural development project.
  • An integrated and multi-pronged approach is necessary for all role-players to achieve their development goals. You don't have to do it alone. The more role-players are involved the better the final result and skills transfer.

We have projects in your area of interest and can assist you to access beneficiaries and activities that will assist you to achieve your rural and enterprise development goals.