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AgriBioTech Non Profit Company

The AgriBioTech Incubator on the AgriSPACE campus has been launched! This incubator links budding rural entrepreneurs who have promising agribiotech product ideas with small-scale farmers who will grow the biological resource needed by the small enterprises through contracts (natural pest repellent remedies, niche health foods, health and beauty aids).

Currently 10 Entrepreneur interns (all agricultural graduates) are conceptualising and designing their agribiotech product ideas. Through MSc studies and mentorship by the Scientific Roets team, these entrepreneurs will develop their products to prototype stage and register their businesses. With Plant Production learners they will investigate and model the production of the biological resource in the greenhouses on the campus.

Scientific Roets will source further funding for the roll-out to contract growers, train them in the production of the resource, assist with the development of the production units and connect them to the entrepreneurs through contract growing.

New infrastructural developments which include the start-up manufacturing units for the Entrepreneur interns is being developed using dis-used shipping containers. We are privileged to have received a donation of four 12m containers from CMA CGM SHIPPING AGENCIES SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD who also, kindly, had them delivered for us.

 Work started immediately on the refurbishment.

The new infrastructure will contain our first laboratory, a canteen, a shop, a lecture room and six manufacturing units and will be connected to our current solar and rain-water harvesting system.


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